“In my 15 years of treating pits, I’ve never seen anything work as quickly to control odor.”— Ron Meyer

With over 20 years in the livestock industry, Ron Meyer is skeptical of new products, having seen so many come and go. Ron has been treating swine pits and dairy lagoons for 15 years using his own pro ducts and bacteria. Ron was comfortable with his program when he met Andy from Assist at a tradeshow and Andy explained the critical differences between Ron’s products and Assist’s Pit Perfect.

A few months later Ron decided to use the Assist Pit Perfect on a particularly difficult pit. Ron was amazed — In his 15 years of treating pits he had never seen anything work as quickly to control odor . Additionally, Ron began to see more biological activity and methane bubbles rising to the surface immediately.

Ron is so pleased to now have a product that breaks down solids, reduces fly issues, eliminates odor and improves the air quality in the barn. Additionally, the pit is now easier to pump and the nutrients in the manure have been stabilized by lowering the pH to improve the soil quality for next year’s crops.