Is Your Farm’s Water Costing You Money?

Water is life, but impurities in the water you’re giving your livestock could be sucking the life out of your business. The good news? We can help.


Enhancing Digestion, Improving Milk Production

Assist partners with dairy producers to create a complete animal health program.  Our solutions focus on correcting issues in the water dairy herds drink that directly impact animal health.


Improving Weight Gain And FCR, Lowering Mortality

Assist helps producers correct toxic issues in poultry drinking water, removing sulfates and heavy metals. We also help improve the air quality in growing barns.


Improved Gut Health In All Life Stages For More Payable Pounds

Healthy gut populations mean improved digestion, less stress, better feed conversion and improved health. And that means more profit for you.


Enhancing Digestion, Improving Weight Gain

We help beef producers improve their water, which improves digestion, which improves health and feed conversion, which makes them more profit.

● New Products ●

Pit Magic

Pit and Lagoon Treatment

PIT MAGIC is a natural, safe, concentrated, dry blend of stabilized bacterial spores and micro-nutrients supplement for problem pits, lagoons, & shallow pull-plug gutters.

Litter Magic

Litter Amendment

LITTER MAGIC is composed of a unique micro-nutrient enriched carrier to provide accelerated germination and growth. Stable bacteria spores enhance shelf life and guarantee microbial concentration.

What is Assist?

It all starts with the water your animals drink.

Better Water Means Better Health.

For the past decade, Assist has partnered with some of the world’s largest poultry, dairy, beef, and swine operators to identify problems with the water animals drink, its impact on animal nutrition, and its influence in production environments.

Getting Started Is Simple

You can have healthier stock and larger profits. Here’s how the process works:

Test Your Water

Request a water test kit (you’ll hear from us within 24 hours) and provide us with a water sample. We’ll then test your water using a certified lab.

Review Your Results

When your lab results are ready, we’ll provide you a detailed water quality report tailored to livestock health.

Develop And Execute Your Plan

Based on that report, we’ll help you create and implement a water treatment program that delivers clean, high-quality water, guaranteed.
Better Things Flow From Better Water

When impurities are removed and your livestock receive only clean, high-quality water, there’s a cascade of results that improve your business.

Healthier Livestock

When you deliver high-quality water, your livestock will not only avoid dehydration, diarrhea, and reduced indoor air quality, but have better material to work with in the body processes that use water.

Better Nutrition

With more and better water, your livestock will not only be healthier, but absorb nutrients more efficiently. That means better health, higher weight gain, and more milk production.

Better Environments

Substandard water can directly affect the air quality in your barns and support bacterial growth that degrades it. Assist’s environmental treatment products clear the air by eliminating ammonia fumes and other germ byproducts.

Cleaner, longer-lasting equipment

Manganese contamination, hardness, and abnormal pH can all damage your water delivery equipment, raising your costs and restricting your stock’s access. Assist’s treatment programs will ensure the water is clean and your equipment is protected.
Assist NPS Can Help

Do These Lurk In Your Water?


Poor growth, feed conversion, and milk yield, possible long-term organ damage


Poor growth, reduced bovine fertility, reduced water consumption, diarrhea


Lowered water intake, reduced milk yield, can promote enterococcus growth


Interferes with absorption of nutrients, may promote E. Coli growth


Rotten egg smell, lower water intake, neurological effects at high levels


Interferes with water lines and with absorption of nutrients


Reduced bovine reproduction, poor growth, lower absorption of nutrients


Damage to water systems, leading to reduced water intake and repair expense


Pipe corrosion, lower water intake due to bitter taste, lower milk yields, metabolic acidosis


Bitter taste leads to reduced water intake
How We Help

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Poultry Products

Improving Weight Gain, Decreasing Mortality, Lowering FCR

Swine Products

Improved Gut Health In All Life Stages

Dairy Products

Enhancing Digestion, Improving Milk Production

Beef Products

Enhancing Digestion, Improving Weight Gain

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more?

Are sulfates in my animal’s drinking water unhealthy?

The average levels of sulfates should be 125 mg/l. Higher levels in excess of 250 mg/l can cause a laxative effect on the animal. This can result in lower weight gain, lower feed consumption and possible dehydration.

What is the impact of pH in my animal’s drinking water?

The acidity or alkalinity of water is expressed as its pH level. Neutral water (that which is neither acid nor alkaline) has a pH of 7. Acidic water has a pH lower than 7 and alkaline water has a pH greater than 7. Well water normally has a pH in the range from 6.8 to 7.8, although it is not uncommon for the pH to be much higher or lower. Acidic drinking water in the range of 5 to 6 can have a positive effect on digestion and nutrient uptake. Drinking water with pH levels under 5 that includes harsh acidifiers may corrode watering equipment and may impede the effectiveness of certain pharma products and vaccines.

What happens when I have high levels of sulfate in my animal’s water?

High sulfate in water is usually a natural problem. The primary issue with excessive sulfate levels in animal drinking water is its laxative effect. Animals given a source of drinking water with high sulfate levels may experience a temporary laxative effect until becoming acclimated to the water. High sulfate may also impart a bitter taste to water that can result in reduced water intake. Sulfate levels greater than 50 ppm may affect performance when sodium, magnesium or chloride levels are high.

Success Stories

What Our Customers Say About Us

The Assist program made a huge difference for my operation. Performance has improved in every area, including profits.
David Marten
Love the Reliant Tabs.  Easy to distribute to our farms and they work great.
Lance Dunbar
My cows and calves are healthier and producing more milk. In fact, I haven’t had to give a calf a shot in 6 months!
Mike Plager
We were at our wits end to the point of pointing fingers at each other. There is no doubt that Assist’s Water Solution has helped us produce the best pigs we have seen in a long time.
Nate Hecht

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Assist Natural Products and Services LLC

We partner with some of the world’s largest livestock operators to identify problems with the water animals drink, its impact on animal nutrition, and its influence in production environments.


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