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Your farm’s water can contain infectious bacteria, nitrates, heavy metals, or numerous other impurities that will harm animal health. That means lower performance, fewer payable pounds, and smaller profits.
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Dairy Products

Enhancing Digestion, Improving Milk Production

Assist partners with dairy producers to create a complete animal health program. Our solutions focus on correcting issues in the water dairy herds drink that directly impact animal health. Assist’s technology targets the removal of sulfates as well as various heavy metals such as iron and manganese in both well and municipal water sources. Assist also understands the critical need to adjust and monitor pH of the drinking water in order to provide optimal conditions in the gut.

In addition to its focus on drinking water, Assist provides sound probiotic solutions which promote healthy microbial populations in the rumen. This step is critical in “rebalancing” the gut resulting in more efficient fiber digestion, improved milk output, and healthier animals.

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Dairy Products

FSSC 22000

Scope: Manufacturing and packaging of liquid animal food products (Swine, Poultry, Beef, and Dairy Cattle).

Assist Natural Products and Services LLC

We partner with some of the world’s largest livestock operators to identify problems with the water animals drink, its impact on animal nutrition, and its influence in production environments.


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