Litter Amendment

Ammonia fumes, odor complaints, labor-intensive composting... it's enough to make any farmer pull their feathers out. Well, what if I told you there's a solution that transforms your litter woes into fertile fields of opportunity? Introducing...

Litter Magic
LITTER MAGIC is composed of a unique micro-nutrient enriched carrier to provide accelerated germination and growth. Stable bacteria spores enhance shelf life and guarantee microbial concentration. Spore-form allows it to resist chlorine, disinfectants, and high-water temperatures.
Ammonia Control

Reduces measurable levels of ammonia ppm generated from litter, protecting animals and humans from harmful gases.

Litter Conditioning

Improves the quality of poultry litter by reducing moisture, ammonia levels, and pathogens, providing a dry and comfortable place to raise your birds.

Helps Reduce:
Litter Magic

“Litter Magic is by far better than any litter amendment product I have ever used!”

Logan Hawthorne
Perdue Farms Area Supervisor

FSSC 22000

Scope: Manufacturing and packaging of liquid animal food products (Swine, Poultry, Beef, and Dairy Cattle).

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We partner with some of the world’s largest livestock operators to identify problems with the water animals drink, its impact on animal nutrition, and its influence in production environments.


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