“We were at our wits end to the point of pointing fingers at each other. There is no doubt that Assist’s Water Solution has helped us produce the best pigs we have seen in a long time.”— Nate Hecht

Nate Hecht manages a hot nursery for a large swine producer located in Western Ohio. Nate’s challenges were many, including E. coli , scours, and other issues that were increasing mortality. Lab tests indicated the presence of coliforms. Nate tried shocking the well and treating it with chlorine bleach, but nothing was working and he was considering drilling a new well. Once Nate met with Assist, he decided to try our Programmed Approach.

Nate first cleaned all the water lines with AWS 1200 water system cleaner, removing all of the existing sludge and contaminants by simply allowing the solution to stand overnight, flushing the next day and repeating the following day. Nate then began using AWS 5000, a HOCl solution, to provide clean drinking water to his pigs. Since Nate was trying the product for the first time, he elected to use a medicator to inject the solution into the waterlines.

The change was absolutely amazing — within a few weeks, the piglets began to turn around, proving how critical high-quality, great-tasting water is for raising healthy pigs.

Nate has now installed a Stenner plug-and-play system that injects AWS 5000 automatically into the water supply on a daily basis. He is so relieved to have avoided drilling a new well!