“Assist has helped me continually produce healthier flocks and profits. I absolutely recommend it.”
— Dennis Venner

Venner Farms is an above-average, brood-to-finish operation. Dennis Venner originally began working with Assist to control ammonia in the barns. After this initial success, Dennis began a field trial with additional Assist products. Dennis is always looking for continuous improvement and consistent results.

After implementing some management and procedure changes, Dennis started putting his turkeys on the Assist environmental and nutritional program. When they were day-old chicks, Dennis began seeing some amazing improvements. His load-out was easier as some past leg issues had gone away. He had an increase of 3% livability, a 9% improvement in feed conversion, and a full 5% increase in payable pounds.

After seeing this impact, Dennis began to seek further improvements. Water is approximately 60% of the diet, represents 70% of the total body weight, and is the key transport medium for all metabolic processes within the bird. Water is the only nutritional component that is inconsistent from farm to farm.

So Dennis cleaned his water system per the Assist protocol and started using the AWS 1200 cleaner and AWS 5000 water sanitizer. The birds are healthier and now have great tasting drinking water. Using the Stenner Plug & Play unit there isn’t any mixing or caustic fumes to deal with. The AWS 1200 is automatically injected into the water supply.

Managing the environment, improving the nutrition, and providing the best sanitized drinking water has helped Dennis reach his goals and see consistency in his flocks. Venner Farms are now producing healthier flocks.