“I am very happy with the results from the water sanitation program. I am a big believer in Assist Natural Products and Services.”
— Willie Marten

Willie Marten is a successful broiler breeder-grower, but he has had a challenge with loose birds. He sourced water from a pond on his farm that had no filtration prior to reaching his birds. He was also having issues with his cool cells because of algae buildup.

Willie’s son, David Marten, is also a broiler grower and had been an Assist customer for almost three years so he referred his dad to Andy at Assist. Following the Assist protocol, a pre-filter was installed along with the Stenner plug-and-play equipment to automatically regulate the AWS dosage (no mixing or hazardous fumes involved).

Once the water lines were cleaned with AWS 1200 to re move the existing contaminate buildup, Willie switched over to the AWS 5000 to provide clean drinking water to his birds.

Willie was amazed at the results. The birds have tightened up, the litter is drier, and the cool pads that were previously clogged a re open and functioning well. The solution was simple: by adding AWS and following our recommendations, Willie’s water quality issue has been completely resolved and his birds are healthier.