“The birds are drinking more water with better feed conversion and better health. Plus, transfers from the brooder and load outs are quick and easy.”
— Brett Steber

A 15-20% Increase in Payable Pounds!

Brett Steber was referred by a current Assist customer. Brett was dealing with severe cases of Dermatitis in consecutive flocks. Brett is a brood to finish grower that was also dealing with slow starts. Historically Brett was an above average grower. He spent a considerable amount of money to retrofit his barns with new equipment and tunnel ventilation, but livability was only around 85% with a high feed conversion at 2.9.

After learning about the importance of water sanitation, reducing the bacteria load in the environment, promoting gut health and modulating the immune system, Brett implemented the “Programmed Approach” from Assist.

Once his current flock went to market he initiated a complete cleanout removing all existing litter, followed by washing down his barns with Assist cleaning concentrate Cyclone 55. He treated the subsurface with Relentless Plus dry litter amendment, placed new bedding, and then another application of Relentless Plus. Brett also decided to switch to the Assist easy-to-use water sanitation program (no mixing or hazardous fumes involved).

Using Assist’s Quickstart Plus, Brett is now having consistently great starts in the brooder. The birds are more active, and 7 day mortality has been reduced to less than 1% in some flocks compared to 3-5% in his prior flocks.

After using the Assist Programmed Approach:

  • Feed conversion has gone from a high of 2.9 down to 2.5
  • Livability is consistently at 93% at week 17 vs 85% in prior flocks
  • Payable pounds have increased 15% plus
  • Brett is having fun growing turkeys again