Delivers one of His Best Producing Flocks Ever

“I started my next flock on day 1 with Quickstart Plus and Assist Water Solutions… Best looking birds I have seen coming out of the brooder. Problem solved!”
— Doug Hagemeier

Doug Hagemeier is an above-average turkey grower, brood-to-finish, with two farms. In recent flocks on one of his farms Doug has been fighting Dermatitis outbreaks. These outbreaks begin to occur around week 15 forcing him to use penicillin on a daily basis to control his death loss. Doug was cleaning out between flocks, washing and disinfecting, and doing everything he knew to get the dermatitis under control.

After being referred to Andy by another grower who understood how the Assist “Programmed Approach” worked, Doug decided to give it a try. Doug followed the full program which addresses water, nutrition, and the environment. Doug did a complete clean-out following the environmental protocol with the Cyclone cleaning concentrate to wash his barns. Relentless Plus dry litter amendment was applied to the subsurface and on top of new litter with an application of Defender liquid litter amendment.

Next the drinking water system was cleaned with AWS 1200 to remove biofilm and contaminants. After the waterlines were cleaned, Doug switched to the AWS 5000 water sanitizer for his drinking water.

The third step of the program was the nutrition supplement. Doug started adding Assist Quickstart plus in the drinking water for the next 4 weeks and then switched over to the Assist Conversion product in the drinking water for two days every 7 days for the balance of the flock.

The results were amazing for Doug’s flock. He had reduced his penicillin by 75%, increased his livability, and reduced his feed conversion by 10 points (adjusted at 42 lbs.) with an average increase of 1.0 lb. per bird compared to his prior flock. Doug also pointed out the condition of his floors (moisture) compared to his other farms was night and day.

Doug started his next flock on day 1 in the brooder with Quickstart Plus and AWS 5000 and he said, “These are the best looking birds I have seen coming out of the brooder.”

Having had one of his best producing flocks, Doug is a believer in Assist!