“My cows and calves are healthier and producing more milk. In fact, I haven’t had to give a calf a shot in 6 months!”— Mike Plager

Mike Plager is a successful dairyman and row crop farmer with typical well-sourced water. Mike hadn’t used any water sanitation products on his farm because he felt his water was adequate. Like most farmers, Mike thought seeing bio-film in the tanks and water troughs seemed normal considering the cows were drinking the water. However, like most dairymen, Mike continued to have persistent issues with sick calves and scours.

Mike first tried using a Chlorine Dioxide water sanitizer to see if that would improve his drinking water. He started to see some improvement, but not as much as he anticipated. Additionally, he didn’t like having to mix product and inhaling hazardous fumes, so he stopped using it. On the recommendation of Andy Thompson at Assist, he switched to the Assist cleaner. He used AWS 1200 to clean his water lines and then started to use AWS 5000 for better tasting water. He immediately noticed a change in the taste of the water in the milk house. The water tasted so good he piped the same water to his house.

Mike was so pleased with the Assist water products he decided to look at the next step in the Assist program — Nutrition. He began adding Assist Quickstart Plus to the milk replacer wit h each feeding of his calves at 1/4 oz. per feeding per calf per day. The results have been astonishing. The scours in the calve s are gone. Mike has not given his calves a shot in 6 months, resulting in markedly improved health and milk production.