“The catch crew said that these were the biggest birds they had caught all week! The Assist water treatment program definitely had results.”
— Jerry Stuzman

Jerry Stuzman is a broiler grower who was introduced to Assist through his brother Nelson, a current Assist customer and advocate. Jerry was having some persistent issues with his litter. He wanted to use chemical-free products in his barns to control the ammonia but didn’t want to waste time and money testing a lot of different options. Andy with Assist explained how important it is to have high-quality water for a healthier gut and drier manure and how Assist could help.

After speaking with other Assist customers, Jerry decided to give it a try. First, he cleaned his water system with AWS 1200. Once the water lines were cleaned, Jerry installed the Stenner plug-and -play unit to automatically measure and inject the AWS 5000 solution into water lines, eliminating the need to mix different products together or make any pH adjustments.

After a week, Jerry began to notice water consumption was increasing and the birds were much tighter than previous flocks. Additionally, the odor in his barns improved and he even noticed an improvement in how he smelled after working in the barns. After just a couple weeks, the birds’ water consumption was at the highest level ever for their age. The cool cells that were clogged were also becoming cleaner and starting to function correctly.

When they came to catch his birds at day 33, the catch crew was complaining about the size of the birds — they said these were the biggest birds they had caught that week!