6 Reasons Healthy Cows Chew Cud

Cows are known for their habit of chewing cud, which is a type of partially digested food that they regurgitate and chew again. This behavior is known as rumination, and it serves a number of important functions for cows. Here are some of the key reasons why cows chew cud

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Assist’s Pit Perfect Lives Up to its Name

“This was an easy solution to a big problem.”— Todd Todd is a swine producer who runs a 2000 head finisher. In August of 2014, his pit was having real issues with excessive flies, excess solids, and strong odor in the barn. He had 3-4 feet of solids built up

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Feeding Mother Nature Solved My Odor Challenge

“I now treat monthly and my odor is gone!.”— Jay Jay is a swine producer with a 4000 head finisher. He recently built a new finishing barn but his past odor issues were returning. Jay had heard about Assist’s Pit Perfect from his local representative, Ron. After learning how the

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Everybody Wins with Assist’s Pit Perfect

“In my 15 years of treating pits, I’ve never seen anything work as quickly to control odor.”— Ron Meyer With over 20 years in the livestock industry, Ron Meyer is skeptical of new products, having seen so many come and go. Ron has been treating swine pits and dairy lagoons

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Turkey Grower Cuts Penicillin Need by 75%

Delivers one of His Best Producing Flocks Ever “I started my next flock on day 1 with Quickstart Plus and Assist Water Solutions… Best looking birds I have seen coming out of the brooder. Problem solved!” — Doug Hagemeier Doug Hagemeier is an above-average turkey grower, brood-to-finish, with two farms.

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Poultry Grower Improves Livability and Feed Conversion

“The birds are drinking more water with better feed conversion and better health. Plus, transfers from the brooder and load outs are quick and easy.” — Brett Steber A 15-20% Increase in Payable Pounds! Brett Steber was referred by a current Assist customer. Brett was dealing with severe cases of

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